Daily Routine


Rhythm of the Day   - Whistles and Bells

6:15am  Wake up whistle  (also might have been 6am or 6:30am)

6:30am  Cookhouse bell (followed the wake up whistle by 15 mins)

7:00am  Woods crew leaves for work

7:50am  Warning whistle  - 2 short toots on the whistle and
        time to get to work    

8:00am  Start work whistle – one long blast of the whistle
       (and the start of school)          

12:00pm  Lunch whistle – one long blast

12:15pm Cookhouse bell

12:50pm Warning whistle – 2 short toots head for work

1:00pm  Start work whistle – one long blast

5:00pm  End of work whistle – one long blast

5:30pm  Cookhouse bell

ANYTIME:  5 long whistle blasts   Emergency! A forest fire most likely, the Forest Service liked to commandeer the woods crew and their equipment to fight fire because they were so experienced in the woods. It was the least favorite whistle of both crew & owner.

The cookhouse bell was an old train bell. It was a sturdy old metal bell that could be heard pretty much throughout camp. Even more apparent throughout the area was the old train steam whistle used for the mill. It usually could be heard down at Dinkey Creek Inn and much of the campground. The perennial camp joke was about the tourist who heard the train whistle and groaned about having to drive up that miserable crooked road when they could have taken the train. In 1955 the bell and steam whistle had been in use for years and the four-lane highway was in its planning stage.


Rhythm of the Week -  August 1955

Monday – work

Tuesday – work
Tuesday evening – outdoor movie @ Camp Ducey starting at dusk, often a non western John Wayne movie   25cents/adults  10cents/child

Wednesday – work
Wednesday evening - Baseball game – Pine Logging vs. Byles & Jameson lumber camp

Thursday – work
Thursday evening – outdoor movie @ Camp Ducey, always a western

Friday – work

Saturday – work

Saturday night – a drink at Dinkey Creek Inn or Camp Ducey, the dance at Shaver Lake @ Johnny’s  (now Trappers) with live band

Sunday – day off,  possible trip to Fresno, fish, work on car, chainsaw, sharpen axe, etc

Payday(2x/month) – lively craps game on the porch of the old office. One of the woods crew was nicknamed “snake eyes” because…

Rhythm of the Week - October 1955  

No movies, no baseball games, no dances 
Elementary school during the daytime